El TaPicoso Taqueria & Mas

El TaPicoso was born with one fundamental focus. To provide traditional Mexican street food where a fresh corn tortilla, or an exciting variation of it, will be accompany a spicy hot taste of chiles. Why EL TaPicoso? TaPicoso is a combination of 2 words. “Esta Picoso” meaning, “Is Spicy”. Since most traditional Mexican street food incorporates a spicy or hot taste which pairs excellently with a tortilla, the name of El TaPicoso arrived!

El TaPicoso is about offering the real street Mexican food that any one will find walking in any Mexican town or city. Yes, we are talking about TACOS, QUESADILLAS, SOPES, HUARACHES, BURRITOS, GORDITAS, SINCRONIZADAS, TORTAS, MENUDO, POZOLE and more. Picture yourself walking in one of the many beautiful Mexican City streets where you find the old lady by the sidewalk selling you a plain QUESADILLAS in a fresh made corn tortilla with a welcoming smile and then around the corner someone else offering you a SOPE. The following day, in a colorful Mexican town you find someone offering you GORDITAS and empanadas. El TaPicoso wants to offer that food experience for breakfast, lunch and dinner using fresh and quality ingredients at our place or at your place with a Mexican colorful touch environment with Mexican handcrafted decoration.


We have a passion for food and incorporating the authentic Mexican taste. Whether you are looking for a delicious sit-down meal, or a beautifully catered event, we’re here for you! We eagerly approach every meal with authentic flavors and a caring passion to serve. Come by today and have a meal with us, or call us to hear more about our catering opportunities!